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An all-in-one digital tool for therapists
to manage their practice

Feature set

We are launching in a few weeks!

Get on the waitlist for early beta access and enjoy 1 month for free. 


Designed to save you time and hassle

Therapist spending time on admin

Therapists spend 4-9 hours a week on administrative tasks.
Get this time back and focus on education, clients or just your personal life.

Features tailored to therapists

Save time on financial management with automation.

You book the meeting and we take care of the rest.

Lumi booking process demonstration

Keep your practice organized

Keep your sessions, payments, and notes organized all in one place.

Profile and notes

Keep your clients' data secure

Lumi provides a secured and GDPR-compliant environment where clients’ data are encrypted.

Provide better service to your clients

Make a good impression on your clients through automated communication and easy payments. 

Communication with client

Sign up for early access

1/ Access to the product before the public release

2/ Get 1 month free, cancel anytime

3/ Free video call consultation with personalized onboarding

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Our vision and values

Our vision is to grow the impact of therapy with technology. That is why we provide therapists with tools to manage their practices effectively.


We are a reliable, diligent and secure partner for therapists when it comes to practice management.

Ease of use

Our technology, despite its complex nature, its easy to use for everyone.


We are here to help therapists in matters related to technology and commercial topics.

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